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ScrubMed knows that excellent footwear is critical for the health and endurance of busy medical professionals. Stay energized on your feet, even during double shifts, with our selection of the best Klogs shoes. Notice Klogs’ supportive features, such as excellent arch support, slip resistant soles, and antimicrobial, removable foot beds. These shoes have great shock absorption to protect your feet and legs. Klogs Brand shoes have specialty features perfectly suited for the medical field and your unique needs. You won’t be disappointed when shopping ScrubMed shoes.

These days, it’s rare to see a medical professional seated for any extended length of time. Even on fictional medical shows, medical professionals don’t lounge around. Even those who just play nurses and doctors on TV rarely get a break! What the silver screen can’t convey is the throbbing pain of doing medical work in bad shoes. Leave the pain to newbies—you’ve done enough rounds to appreciate how supportive footwear is crucial to your energy, posture, and overall well-being. Here at Scrub Med, we also appreciate the connection between medical performance and strong footwear—that’s why we carry Klogs.

Klogs are the Rolls-Royce of nursing shoes and are crafted especially for busy women in the medical field. Klogs Springfield and Dusty styles are always made in the USA, so you can feel confident that your purchase is supporting local manufacturing businesses. There are three fantastic Klogs styles at Scrub Med, each uniquely suited to the medical field.

The Klogs style shoe, Dusty, is a classic and comfortable show available in black and navy. The Dusty is an open-backed style shoe with necessary slip resistant soles and a super cozy, cushioned, removable foot bed. This shoe is waterproof, washable, and autoclavable up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, for proper sterilization.

The Klogs Springfield shoe has all of the same features of the Dusty, but comes in a closed-back style.

Both Springfield and Dusty Klogs are polyurethane, for reliable performance and flexibility.

The Klogs Naples shoe comes in black and white. It is a closed back style leather shoe with a polyurethane outsole. The polyurethane outsole provides excellent shock absorption to safeguard your feet, legs and back during long shifts. A full grain leather upper adds a touch of luxury. Like other Klogs shoes, the Naples has slip resistant sole and has a removable footbed.

All three of our Klogs medical shoes for women are completely close-toed. This is preferable for nurse safety. While other brands of clogs may have holes in the top, Klogs do not, ensuring OSHA compliance on protective footwear and bloodborne pathogens standards.

Scrub Med carries a great selection of Klogs brand shoes to meet your needs. Order today and receive free shipping on orders $99 or more. When your “dogs are barking” slip them into a new pair of Klogs shoes from Scrub Med to quiet them down!

If you need assistance with your order or have any questions, please contact a Scrub Med representative at 800-942-8833 or scrubs@scrubmed.com.