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Maintain endurance and boost overall health with our excellent selection of medical footwear. On those extra-long days at work you need shoes that will extend your stamina. This is why Scrub Med is committed to having medical/nursing shoes to fit your unique needs.  The medical shoes we offer are manufactured with specialty features thoughtfully designed for those in the medical field. Look for shock-absorbent, supportive, antimicrobial foot beds, slip resistant soles, and more.  Our medical shoes will convey professionalism while delivering comfort. You won’t be disappointed when shopping Scrub Med shoes. 

Chances are, you’re on the go for most of the day. You dash from one important task to the next, harnessing your medical skills while you engage with patients and coworkers. How often do you really stop to sit down and relax? Not often, we’re guessing. You are an extremely busy practitioner in the medical field, on your feet for the majority of your very long shifts. Given your movement-oriented profession, supportive footwear is critical to your energy, posture, and overall well-being. Knowing all this, we carry only the best medical footwear, from Klogs Footwear.

Klogs are the cream of the crop when it comes to nursing shoes, crafted especially for busy men in the medical field. Klogs Footwear’s Springfield and Dusty styles are always made in the USA, so you can feel confident that your purchase is supporting American manufacturing. We carry three fantastic Klogs Footwear styles at Scrub Med, each uniquely suited to the medical field.

Klogs Footwear's "Dusty" is a classic and comfortable nursing shoe that comes in both black and navy blue. This is an open-backed shoe that has resistant soles and a super comfortable, cushioned, removable foot bed. The Dusty is waterproof, washable, and autoclavable up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing proper sterilization. Choose from men’s sizes 7 through 13; size up for half sizes.

Klogs Footwear’s Springfield shoe has all of the same features of the Dusty, but comes in a closed-back style. Available in men’s shoe sizes 7 through 13. Please size down for half sizes in this shoe.

Klogs Footwear’s Naples shoe comes in black and white and is a closed back leather shoe. The Naples has a polyurethane outsole, which provides excellent shock absorption to safeguard your feet, legs and back during long shifts. Like other Klogs shoes, the Naples has a slip resistant sole and a removable foot bed. Select from men’s sizes 6 through 14. When ordering this style, size up for half sizes.    

Scrub Med carries a great selection of Klogs Footwear shoes to meet your needs. Enjoy exceptional arch support, flexibility, and comfort in Klogs Footwear. Join the ranks of men in the medical field who rely on Klogs. Order today and receive free shipping on orders $99 or more.

If you need assistance with your order or have any questions, please contact a Scrub Med representative at 800-942-8833 or Scrubs@scrubmed.com.