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Prestige Medical

Prestige Medical Supplies, Prestige Stethoscopes and accessories

When you have the tools you need, every task is easier. Feel your productivity soar with medical accessories from Prestige Medical, including compression socks. Improved circulation to your feet and legs will carry you through the long hours of standing medical work. Diagnose with confidence using Prestige Medical’s diagnostic instruments, such as stethoscopes. For four decades, Prestige Medical has provided the best in medical accessories. Why not stock up on Prestige Medical items? You’ll receive free shipping when you order $99 or more.

For forty years, Prestige Medical has been a trusted wholesale distributor for the medical industry. Early on, Prestige Medical gained positive attention for pioneering the sale of medical accessories, instruments, and uniforms in retail stores across the United States. Some recognized Prestige Medical as “The Stethoscope Company,” but the firm also sells dozens of instruments, including Aneroid sphygmomanometers, pulse oximeters, Otoscopes, Forceps, Neurological hammers, and more. Medical apparel and accessories are additional Prestige Medical products. Across the U.S. Prestige Medical retailers are well known for fashionable medical uniforms, unique color options, and patented healthcare instrument designs.

Today, Prestige Medical is respected as a leader in the medical accessories and outfitting field. The Los Angeles based company has earned ISO:2008 certification, ensuring the highest quality of products, customer service, and accountability. Only authorized retail dealers, such as Scrub Med, may sell Prestige Medical products.

The company also does its part for the medical community at large. Prestige Medical champions the nursing profession while also acting as a valued resource for medical professionals. Overall, Prestige Medical’s goal is to facilitate the personalization of medical uniforms and instruments.

Scrub Med carries the Prestige Clinical Lite stethoscope. This reasonably priced stethoscope has a traditional dual head with a fiberglass diaphragm. Prestige Clinical Lite stethoscopes are constructed of anodized aluminum, for resiliency and strength. They are also latex-free, so you don’t have to worry about latex sensitivity. Finally, Prestige Medical Clinical Lite stethoscopes come with a limited lifetime warranty, for your peace of mind.

We also carry Prestige Medical compression socks. Enjoy light pressure at 10 mmHg. A 65% nylon/35% Lycra Spandex blend is used to create these 12”-long socks, available in black and white. Nurses and doctors spend long hours on their feet every day. Compression socks improve circulation, helping to boost energy and prevent varicose and spider veins. For your well being, order a pair of Prestige Medical compression socks today.

As a medical professional, you’ve dedicated years of study and careful practice to hone your healing skills. You deserve accessories that make your job easier. Prestige Medical’s compression socks and stethoscopes will help you achieve peak performance and peak comfort on the job, for your own happiness and the health of your patients. If you have any questions about the Prestige equipment we carry, please call us, 1-800-942-8833, or email us, scrubs@scrubmed.com.