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Koi Scrubs

Koi scrub tops and Koi scrub pants in regular, talls or petites.

Koi Scrubs was founded in 2006 by Kathy Peterson, a former director of design at Barco. Before starting Koi, Kathy noticed that most medical uniform companies viewed design as an afterthought. Scrubs were more about function than fashion. Her goal was to create scrubs that people love to wear, incorporating the latest trends into her collection of 100% cotton print scrub tops, pants, and jackets. One look at her Koi line of scrubs and there’s no doubt she’s succeeded in that goal! Today Koi is best known for its fashion-oriented designer scrubs and dedication to taking something ordinary and transform it into something amazing and wonderful; something that people not only love to wear, but feel attractive in and want to show their friends. Kathy has consistently kept the scrubs bar high and Koi on the cutting edge of what could now be referred to as medical fashion!

Koi’s flair for fashion can be seen in all of their medical scrubs, from the vibrant colors to the choice of trims. One can even imagine any of Koi’s collection on the fashion runways in Paris! Kathy’s Hawaiian roots can also be found in a number of her floral print scrub tops. Solid Koi scrub tops and pants are available in a variety of cotton/poly blends. Their brushed fabrics are soft to the touch and a true pleasure to wear. Some of Koi’s top styles have now become trendsetters for other medical uniform companies. Kathy has managed to put a little bit of herself into each set of scrubs she makes and the results have been nothing short of remarkable.

For groups, Koi offers scrubs in a variety of core colors, and because health care professionals come in all shapes and sizes, so do Koi scrubs. You’ll find flattering, well – fitting options for everyone in your group regardless of shape or body type. It’s what Koi refers to as ”group dynamics.”

Scrub Med offers Koi pants in their bestselling Lindsey cut style; available in half a dozen different colors and in sizes ranging from XXS to 3XL. Koi offers four inseam options: regular, petite, extra petite, and women’s tall scrub pants. Navy, steel, and black scrubs are available in 4-5XL sizes as well. No matter your sizing needs, Koi has you covered!

In addition to a passion for designer scrubs, the company is also dedicated to doing their part to improve the lives of those who are less fortunate. Koi is happy to be a supporter of The Breast Cancer Research Foundation and is dedicated to helping combat domestic violence through fundraising efforts with an organization called A Window Between Worlds. Never being satisfied purely with creating amazing scrubs, Kathy and her company view their charity efforts as just another way to make a positive impact on the world around them.

Koi is always committed to standing behind their scrubs. They know that you’ll be nothing short of 100% satisfied with any set of scrubs you purchase from them. If you have any questions or would like to place an order for Koi scrubs, please contact a Scrub Med representative at 800-942-8833 or email us at scrubs@scrubmed.com.