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holiday print scrubs

Show Your Spirit with Holiday Print Scrubs from Scrub Med

Now that Thanksgiving dinner is all put away, it’s time to start thinking about holiday print scrubs. Shorter days and longer nights have arrived and the holiday season is in full swing. Not to fear, while the weather outside may sometimes be cold and frightful, Scrub Med has fun holiday print scrubs to keep you feeling […]

made in the use scrubs

Long lasting Scrubs Who’s the best? Made in the USA of course

Who makes Long Lasting Scrubs? We all have our favorite brands of long lasing scrubs.  Some believe Dickies scrubs or Wonder Wink uniforms last the longest.  Others feel Carhartt scrubs, known for there durable work clothes make the longest lasting scrubs.  A survey of internet medical uniform companies, reveals there is no question who makes […]

compression socks

Compression Socks – Treat Your Legs Right!

Those of you who’ve worked long shifts know that comfortable feet and legs are key to having a productive day even while being constantly on the go. It’s important to take care of your legs, especially if you are in a profession where you are standing or sitting all day. To support you where your […]

fall scrub print

Cute Fall Scrub Prints at

Fall is here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest! Like the leaves rapidly changing outside, we are also quickly changing their Summer state of mind towards Fall. This is the time of year when folks start switching from their shorts and sandals to warm jackets, scarves, and thick-soled footwear. Scrub Med is embracing the turn of […]


Why are Medical Scrubs a Requirement?

When you go into a traditional office environment, employees wear the professional attire of their choice. In a health care setting, most medical professionals wear scrubs. Medical scrubs became a largely accepted wardrobe standard in the 1970s, as the nursing profession became more popular among men and doctors knew more about the value of changing […]


The History of Medical Scrubs

If you were to travel back in time to a clinic in the 1700s, it might be difficult to distinguish the medical staff from the patients. This is because the use of medical scrubs is a relatively modern idea. In fact, medical professionals did not start wearing the signature outfits until the 20th century. Instead […]


Nursing Shoes: Maintaining Quality and Comfort

Nursing shoes are no longer unattractive plushy white sneakers. Just like medical uniforms, medical shoes have evolved to include stylish options in a variety of shapes, styles, colors and designs. In nursing school, you learn about basic ergonomics—namely, caring for your back. Many lessons neglect the feet and the consequences of bad shoes. You’re on […]


Trending: Solid Scrubs in the Workplace

The trend in healthcare is outfitting most staff in solid scrubs in the workplace. Even Registered Dietitians are beginning to wear scrubs! Solid scrubs make staff easily identifiable to patients and they also differentiate types of staff from one another. For example, scrub colors and scrub styles may vary by floor, department or practitioner type. It’s also becoming more common in […]

Cute Scrubs at

Cute Scrubs Abound!

Although basic scrubs will never go out of style, cute scrubs are in high demand. Every season, the major players in the medical scrub industry come out with more cute scrubs or fun scrub colors. And right on cue for summer, Jockey scrubs has 3 new cute scrub colors: Sea Blue, Eggplant and Hibiscus. The […]

Carhartt scrubs

Carhartt Scrubs: Durable and Fashionable

If you equate Carhartt with rugged construction clothes, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by Carhartt Scrubs. Carhartt womens scrubs are made from a high tech, easy care, moisture wicking fabric. Their cross flex v-neck womens scrub top has beauty and brawn! The clean lines in this scrub top create a feminine silhouette. The triple needle stitching […]